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Logitech Cube Software & Drivers Download, Manual, Setup Guide for Windows & Mac OS –  Logitech Cube Mouse Software, servants to PowerPoint, and fanatics of cuteness, Logitech has you in mind for its small $70 Logitech Cube Software Mouse. There’s no refuting that the Logitech Cube Software is indeed cute. Its modest design likewise makes it incomparably portable. The trouble is that it’s not a great mouse, and its offering features are as well simplistic. Major presenters can locate more-capable support devices for less. At 0.625 inch high, 1.125 inches broad, and also 2.125 inches deep, the Logitech Cube Software has to do with the dimension of a Matchbox auto. It features a tiny carrying sleeve, a USB dongle for charging, and also Logitech’s USB Unified micro receiver, which can obtain a signal from as much as six peripheral gadgets from the Logitech Unified device family members.

Logitech Cube Software
Logitech Cube Mouse

Logitech’s pitch for the Logitech Cube Software is that it offers necessary mousing capabilities, along with a distinct presenting mode for navigating PowerPoint discussions or various other lengthy records. Hold the Logitech Cube Software on a job surface area, and it works like any type of cordless mouse. It supports left and also ideal hitting, along with swipe-based upright scrolling on its leading face. Raise the Logitech Cube Software off your work surface as well as it goes into presentation mode. The only function it provides below is the capacity to browse to and fro via the pages of a document. Hold it upright and click to advance a page. Turn the mouse inverted and also click to support a page.

Interesting features of the Logitech Cube Mouse

Functionally, the Logitech Cube Software is a little bit cramped for big hands or lengthy mousing sessions. It’s not really comfortable at all. The boxlike layout certainly looks cool, and it’s small enough to utilize on your laptop’s palm rest, however, it’s not anywhere near as ergonomic as its close competitor the Swiftpoint mouse. All the basic features are there, though. Like the clickpads you’ll locate on current note pads, the entire top surface of the mouse is one large button, yet the function changes depending on where your finger is. If you press down in the finger indent at the front, it left-clicks; if you push additionally back, it right-clicks, as well as if you glide your finger across the top of the mouse, you can scroll relatively well, albeit with a small hold-up. There’s no middle mouse switch, I’m afraid to state.

The accuracy of these motions depends significantly on software, however, and they’re not sure-fire below: when I examined out the right-click in the video game Batman: Arkham City (where it’s vital in order to keep lawbreakers from pounding on Batman’s head) I discovered that it called for a very purposeful, mindful press to obtain the gesture to accurately sign up. Also, though Logitech offers an item of desktop software that’s meant to enhance scrolling, it had the opposite effect for me: out of the package, the Logitech Cube Software felt like it had relatively smooth inertial scrolling with a little jitter occasionally, but it got worse after setting up the customer. Your mileage might vary.

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Logitech Cube Software Download for Windows & Mac OS

Software Download, Gaming Software Guide and Getting Started Guide (PDF)

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